Our Mission

Provide the best integrated laboratory services to all members of society to ensure the most accurate results in the fastest time and with the highest quality.



About Us

Rest assured that your health is our priority in one touch medical we have provided many packages to meet your health needs . We are the one touch medical we seek, through our mission, to achieve our vision, committed to our constant values ​​.

Our Vision

Achieving excellence and leadership in the field of laboratory medicine and meeting the needs of all society and providing services to the patient and his family with care and attention in accordance with national and international quality standards.

Our Goal

to improve health by providing clinical laboratory testing services , including highly sophisticated techniques for the prevention, early assessment and comprehensive management of complex chronic disease by timely, accurate and dependable with reasonable cost, investigation and support services to help physicians to quickly receive the critical and important information they need to guide their patients to proper management decisions.



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